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Sesame Street

This one’s especially fun: “Crumby Pictures: Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies!”, in which Cookie Monster stars as your favorite ‘cookie wizard.’

Some of my complete Street Stories: “Grover Does It All”, Lights, Camera, BERT!” and “Sesame Street-O-Saurus”… and here’s a clip with the lovely song from my episode “Mi Amiguita Rosita.”

iTunes Season 45 has my episodes “Elmo the Grouch” and “Grover Does It All” (episodes 17 & 25)

iTunes Season 44 has my episode “Mi Amiguita Rosita” (episode 5)

iTunes Season 43 has my episodes “Sesame-Street-O-Saurus” and “Trashgiving Day” (episodes 6 & 11)

Season 45 is airing now! Check out the PBS.ORG Sesame page for times.

Also: I help the Sesame Street Muppets tweet (since their hands are really small).  Here’s their lively Twitter feed.


The web series I directed and co-created with my friend, comedienne Britt Swenson, is up on YouTube right HERE.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Season 5 now airing on The Hub Network! Here are my eps.  “Flight to the Finish” & “Three’s a Crowd.

Netflix and iTunes Season 4, Volume 6 have my episodes “Flight to the Finish” (episode 5) and “Three’s a Crowd” (episode 12).

Doc McStuffins

Season 2 now airing on Disney Junior!

iTunes Season 1, Volume 1 includes my episode “Ben/Anna Split!” (episode 7)

iTunes Season 1, Volume 2 includes my episode “Out in the Wild” (episode 2)

iTunes Season 2, Volume 3 includes my episodes “Lamb in a Jam” (episode 2), “Think Pink” (episode 5), “Leilani’s Lu’au” (episode 6), “Doc to the Rescue” (episode 7), “Little Egghead Feels the Heat” (episode 12)

iTunes Season 2, Volume 4 includes my episode “Peaches Pie Needs a Bath” (episode 1)

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man

iTunes Season 2 – my episodes are “The Rhino” & “Ultimate Deadpool” (episodes 3 and 15)

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

iTunes Season 1 – my episode is “Super Adaptoid” (episode 6)

The Fairly OddParents

iTunes Volume 8 – my episodes are “Food Fight,” “One Man Banned,” & “Planet Poof” (episodes 7, 11, and 12)

iTunes Volume 9  – my episodes are “Fly Boy,” “PolterGeeks,” “Beach Blanket Bozos,” & “Farm Pit.” (episodes 3, 8, and 14)


Now airing on Sprout!

Streaming online is my episode “Comet’s Gift” (Season 1, episode 25)

Transformers: Rescue Bots

Stream on Netflix, or buy on iTunes, my Season 1 episode: #14, “Small Blessings”!

Bubble Guppies

iTunes Season 3 includes my episode: #3, “Elephant Trunk-a-Dunk!”

Full-Length Plays

27 Pigs
3 M, 2 F
Oren Oklahoma keeps his own dark secrets – until his runaway cousin Iris lands on his farmhouse doorstep in the middle of nowhere. What will that VERY determined Pig have to say about THAT?
27 Pigs Sample (PDF)

Betsy Ross LIES!
1 M, 5 F (can be 2 M, 4 F)
In which we find that the real mother of the flag isn’t Betsy Ross… but a ragged, strangely afflicted 16-year-old seamstress with all the sewing talent – but none of Miss Ross’s flash.
Betsy Ross LIES! Sample (PDF)

Bunyan’s Body
Cast of 11.
Sally Ann, the Rooster Girl, wakes up the legendary lumberjack in the town of Big Spoon, Minnesota every day – but what will happen on the morning Paul Bunyan does NOT wake up? – “Something Big is Dying.”
Bunyan’s Body Sample (PDF)

Lizzie, or: Hatchet Hour
3 M, 5, F
On a sweltering August day… in a close and oppressive house… SOMEONE murdered the Bordens. Put-upon Lizzie knows can’t seem to recall just who might have done the deed.
Lizzie, or: Hatchet Hour Sample (PDF)

1-Act Plays

Theater is the Thing With Tentacles
2 M, 2, W, 1 Giant Squid
A sharp-tongued critic, a love-starved young married couple, and a stage-struck society woman encounter the performance of their lives when the curtains part… and the Squid dances.
Theater is the Thing With Tentacles Sample (PDF)

Women Behind the Bush
7 W
When six Society Women (and one sassy waitress) gather behind a bush in a Big-City park to witness a humiliating event, one marriage will be changed forever.
Women Behind the Bush Sample (PDF)

Cast of 8: 3 M, 3 F, and 2 others (can be M or F)
When the bigwigs of a metropolis gather to pay tribute to an inner-city boy killed in a polar bear cage, they pontificate and puff themselves up, but can they really manage to communicate?
Snow Sample (PDF)

10-Minute Plays

Dangerous Baby
1 M, 1 F
In a dark nursery, two young parents try to please their inconsolable – and otherworldly – new infant.
Dangerous Baby Sample (PDF)

The Beautiful, Beautiful Chandelier
2 M
In a ladies’ room at a posh restaurant in Pompeii, two rivals meet and finally have their catfight under the looming shadow of Vesuvius.
The Beautiful, Beautiful Chandelier Sample (PDF)

Mrs. B
1 M, 1 F
A bored housewife fancies her husband is straying – and slips into the persona of Bluebeard’s final wife.
Mrs. B Sample (PDF)

The Raving
2 M
As his wife lies ill upstairs, a writer named Poe plans to leave his gloomy writing behind forever – until a strange Guest offers him fame in the form of a dark new poem. But at what price?
The Raving Sample (PDF)

State of the Union
2 M, 2 F, 2-4 others (either M or F)
At a State of the Union speech, a young couple tests the limits of their own union when the wife sees the President and First Lady for who – and what – they truly are.
State of the Union Sample (PDF)


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