“Mockingbird Lane” – thoughts?

20121021-085326.jpgLove the work of Bryan Fuller.
Love Eddie Izzard.

Above all, I love love love “The Munsters.” Watched them all the time as a kid and that show made me love the classic Universal monsters.

I’m the guy on the Universal Studios tour who squeals with glee when the guide offhandedly points out the Munster house, while everybody else is squealing and instagramming pics of Wisteria Lane.

Come on, I even watched all their 70s and 80s reunion specials. (I was much more a Munsters guy than an Addams guy at the time.)

So, sure I’ll be watching “Mockingbird Lane” on Oct 26. But it’s with real misgiving. I mean, as a screenwriter, I’m just asking: if you’re going to reboot the property, shouldn’t the Munsters… look like Munsters?

UPDATE: And also, this: “Every episode focuses on a different member of the family in a great way,” said Bryan Fuller. “Lily is going through this huge arc of, ‘I was living my life a certain way because I thought my child was a certain way. Now that my child has changed, do I change?’ So she’s having an identity crisis.” Is that a bit… angsty for the happy-go-lucky Munsters, maybe?

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