Malibu Saturday Afternoon, with Horse.

Well, if you DIDN’T hear my friend Louise’s concert last night in La Mirada, CA, you really missed out!

Louise played the famous (and famously tough) Beethoven Triple Concerto with her father, Marlin Owen, on cello, and pianist Menahem Pressler. Behind them: the excellent Biola Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Shawna Stewart. I drove down with Lori to hear the concert –

MAN what a night! And what a triumph for Louise.

I had a whole day of cheering people on, in fact. Kerri, who I’ve written about here in this space, had her very first LIVE show taping yesterday for Nick Jr. – so I went up to the studio and watched the filming of the show (and the music video).

Now: concentrating on some writing of my own here at the Malibu Starbucks. Oh wait: just looked out the window to see… a HORSE. A big white horse with a shaggy equestrian, who must have ridden up the highway. Ok, weird.

I’m refocusing this blog on my own writing, as well. So you can check back here to read updates about my writing work and writing life – which is the same thing as my LIFE-life, of course, so I figure it’s a legit catchall for pretty much anything.

But please do check back here frequently, for updates and changes. Expect a WHOLE lot of cool new stuff coming in the next few days and weeks.s

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