It’s 2012: Pop the Champagne, and Hop on the Train

It’s 2012.  And 2011 is O.VER.  (Can you tell I’m relieved?)

Don’t get me wrong: a lot of great things happened last year – a lot of REALLY great things.

And also: some terrible things.  Really terrible things. 

What’s funny is, I haven’t written much about either the really good or the really really bad.  I realize this blog is a venue to share my thoughts from time to time… but I still like to keep things private, as well. 

Maybe too private, I’m starting to think. 

But you’re out there, and you send emails to say that you’re reading what I write, and you’re waiting for new posts – so, so, so…

So I’m thinking that maybe in 2012, I need to write about new things.  And I want to write more frequently, and write more freely

Because I’ve decided this is the year of: BREAKTHROUGH. I declared this to my 1-Year Plan Club (have I told you about the 1-Year Plan Club?) and they were in strong support. 

That’s why I’m making a lot of positive changes this year: from health and fitness, to scheduling, to efficiency… (oh boy, that all sounds… kinda boring. But it’s going to be exciting, I promise!)

Most of all, I’m amping up the frequency of writing this blog (and indeed, the frequency of writing altogether).  In pursuit of Breakthrough. 

  Yeah, that sounds good.  I like it. 

Stay tuned: there will be a new look to my site and my blog VERY soon, and a lot of new things to report.   

So I hope you’ll keep riding along with me for the upcoming year – and I hope you’ll write back, either privately or in the comments sections.  Let’s see what happens when we do this together.

So Happy 2012!  We’re half a month in already.  So pop the champagne, and hop on the train.  It’s going to be an enlightening journey.

I’m glad you’re along with me.

Q: What is YOUR theme for the year?  I’d like to hear it, if you’re willing to share.

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