Followup: Kerri’s Obama Spot makes the Wall Street Journal!

As you may have read in my previous posts, Kerri’s adorable Black History Month spot on President Obama was (and is no longer) up on the Nick website and was (and is no longer) airing on the network during February.

Well, surprise! This lovely, innocuous, and wholly apolitical spot attracted the snarky attention of the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Page. The WSJ’s op-ed page is ultraconservative, and this author stays true to form: taking issue with the spot on Obama and accusing the network of indoctrinating impressionable youth. (Plus, the columnist seems confused: why didn’t G.W. Bush get the royal treatment in a Black History Month spot of his own? Gee, I can’t imagine…)

Anyway, check out the nonsense at the following link. And enjoy the full text of the Obama spot, printed in its entirety without attribution to Kerri. Perhaps the columnist thinks “shrimp linguine” is code for “socialism.” Sigh.

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