Happy Groundhog Day – AGAIN!

No, I haven’t gone mental. Neither have you: I really did post a Happy Groundhog’s Day Message a week ago. But that’s the point of Groundhog Day, isn’t it? We get another chance to do the day not just over…

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My Groundhog Day Challenge to YOU (and me!)

February 2: it’s Groundhog Day! Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or not? Will there be 6 more weeks of winter? Why are we taking meteorological advice from a rodent? WHO CARES?

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“How do you believe you got here? Are you a protozoa?

In my life, I am surrounded by really intelligent people. I

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What Ed Read: 2014 Edition

(At least, all the ones I can remember… I think there were others I’ve forgotten as well…) The Boy Detective Fails All 3 books in the

Solving Crimes at the End of the World: The Last Policeman trilogy

What am I reading? I just tore through all three novels in The Last Policeman

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Introducing our new web series “UGotGhost”

Dear friends! This past summer, my friend comic actress Britt Swenson and I took an iPhone, a suitcase of costumes, and a puppet

The Dumbest Thing About

Haven’t been able to log onto WordPress for some days, but I’m back up and running thanks to @naomiyaki and her hugely valuable assistance! Thanks, Naomi! * On a rainy 4th of July, my friend Louise and I decided, what the hell, we

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My very first radio interview! (link)

Friends! Please check out my very first ever radio interview, up online HERE. I’m the first guest and I’m on until around minute 25. I was asked about writing for Ponies and Bronies right out of the gate, followed by Sesame Qs. I even read a monologue from my play 27 Pigs (at 18:20). Then […]

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All Aboard, Part 2: the PR

(This is a follow-up on my earlier post.)

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