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What Ed Read: 2014 Edition

(At least, all the ones I can remember… I think there were others I’ve forgotten as well…) The Boy Detective Fails All 3 books in the

Introducing our new web series “UGotGhost”

Dear friends! This past summer, my friend comic actress Britt Swenson and I took an iPhone, a suitcase of costumes, and a puppet

Writers? All Aboard!

Well, I emailed in my Amtrak Writers

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Need some hot music to spark romance? Buy

"The Creative Habit"

Hey, this post’s for my dear friend Jenny, who is a fabulous choreographer – and an even more fabulous human being. But if you’re NOT Jenny, you can read this post, too. (Please do!) I’ve just started reading a fantastic book: The Creative Habit by noted terpsichorean Twyla Tharp (cowritten by Mark Reiter). And I […]

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