Writers? All Aboard!

Well, I emailed in my Amtrak Writers

“The Fox and Mr. Anderson”

I love me some Wes Anderson, and REALLY love me some “Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

I will be seeing “Grand Budapest Hotel” this week, without a doubt.

In the meantime, here’s a compendium of clips comparing shots in “Fox” to shots in other Anderson films. Enjoy!

On “Putting the Characters Out of Her Head”

As I’m going tonight to see The Glass Menagerie on Bway, I’m reposting this little essay I wrote almost a year ago (

Green Porno – Just to be clear

The Green Porno performance / Isabella Rossellini show I blogged about was LIVE at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, not on TV.

If I haven’t been blogging…

It’s ‘cuz I’ve been WRITING.

And reading, too. I’ve recently torn through I Claudius, The Accursed (Joyce Carol Oates), Mr g (Alan Lightman), The Death of King Arthur (Peter Ackroyd, after Malory), Henry V, Antony and Cleopatra, and probably something else that I’ve forgotten.

Now I’m tearing through Song of Achilles, a modern novel from Patroclus’ perspective. It’s really good!

Why So Miserables? – Part 2

Okay, okay. Yes, it’s true: there’s stuff stuff that doesn’t really work in Les Miserables.