Happy Groundhog Day – AGAIN!

groundhog day 4No, I haven’t gone mental. Neither have you: I really did post a Happy Groundhog’s Day Message a week ago.

But that’s the point of Groundhog Day, isn’t it? We get another chance to do the day not just over…

My Groundhog Day Challenge to YOU (and me!)

groundhog day 1February 2: it’s Groundhog Day! Did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or not? Will there be 6 more weeks of winter? Why are we taking meteorological advice from a rodent?


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“How do you believe you got here? Are you a protozoa?

dont-be-stupidIn my life, I am surrounded by really intelligent people. I

What Ed Read: 2014 Edition

(At least, all the ones I can remember… I think there were others I’ve forgotten as well…)

  • The Boy Detective Fails
  • All 3 books in the

Introducing our new web series “UGotGhost”

Dear friends!
IMG_4368This past summer, my friend comic actress Britt Swenson and I took an iPhone, a suitcase of costumes, and a puppet

The Dumbest Thing About

Haven’t been able to log onto WordPress for some days, but I’m back up and running thanks to @naomiyaki and her hugely valuable assistance! Thanks, Naomi!


On a rainy 4th of July, my friend Louise and I decided, what the hell, we

My very first radio interview! (link)

Friends! Please check out my very first ever radio interview, up online HERE.

I’m the first guest and I’m on until around minute 25. I was asked about writing for Ponies and Bronies right out of the gate, followed by Sesame Qs. I even read a monologue from my play 27 Pigs (at 18:20). Then I offer sage (?) writing advice at about 23:50. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

Big thanks to host Barbara DeMarco Barrett and guest host Nicole Nelson for featuring me on their show!

Writers? All Aboard!

Well, I emailed in my Amtrak Writers