Another Day, Another White House Lie

So many people – including major media figures – are snarking online about how Trump didn’t go to the WWI memorial today because he didn’t want to get his hair wet in a light rain.

While that may seem both pathetic and funny – perfect for Saturday Night Live and late night comics – I urge you to ask the question: what’s really going on?

(1) The international memorial marking the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI was a big deal – it was part of why Trump went to Paris on this weekend in the first place. Scratching it from the schedule is causing a worldwide embarrassment, which surely Trump’s aides would have told him would happen. So why cancel it? The WH says it’s because of bad weather. But…

(2) The weather’s not *that* bad. Macron and Merkel were out bareheaded. Trudeau later used an umbrella, but he made it through. It’s a light drizzle. And in any case…

(3) The stated White House reason just doesn’t make ANY sense: Marine One can’t fly because of… drizzle?!? It’s meant to fly in the middle of a nuclear attack! And even if there *were* serious weather concerns…

(4) Trump could STILL have gone by motorcade – it’s not far from Paris. John Kelly went by car, apparently.

So… something’s up. There’s a reason for not going that (at least in Trump’s mind) outweighs the embarrassment of cancelling.

Maybe a motorcade would mean having to see miles of protestors lining up to oppose him. Or maybe he’s throwing a tantrum and refusing to spend time with Macron and Merkel. (He did look pissed at the Macron photo op earlier today.)

I’ve been wondering if he ditched the memorial to meet with Putin outside of the glare of cameras, and later offered the bullshit “bad weather” excuse knowing most folks would joke about his hair vanity and avoid asking further questions.

But we SHOULD ask questions. We need to: our paid officials are lying to us. Again.

And we shouldn’t stop at the easy solution: laughing wryly and shaking our heads about how Trump just wants to protect his combover, haha! What a buffoon!

Something’s up. There’s a reason that he didn’t attend this memorial, whether it’s stupid or sinister – or both.

But it sure as hell isn’t because Marine One can’t fly in a light rain.

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