A Thought on Productivity and Originality

For those of us who blog, or produce, or create, or write, or compose: we often say “I have to post more blog posts, or write more, or put more work out there” or whatever. 

But Salon found a most interesting recipe to boost success.  In summary (emphasis mine):

“We’ve tried to work longer on stories for greater impact, and publish fewer quick-takes that we know you can consume elsewhere. We’re actually publishing, on average, roughly one-third fewer posts on Salon than we were a year ago (from 848 to 572 in December; 943 to 602 in January).  So: 33 percent fewer posts; 40 percent greater traffic.
It sounds  simple, maybe obvious, but: We’ve gone back to our primary mission and have been focusing on originality. And it’s working.”

Make of this what you will!

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