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Another Day, Another White House Lie

So many people – including major media figures – are snarking online about how Trump didn’t go to the WWI memorial today because he didn’t want to get his hair wet in a light rain. While that may seem both pathetic and funny – perfect for Saturday Night Live and late night comics – I […]

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A Theory of the Case

1 For a moment, please consider this straightforward theory of the case: Trump and Putin made a deal. In return for Putin’s active election interference plus some Russian business, Trump promised to end U.S. sanctions on Russia if elected President of the United States. See? Easy. You don’t even need 280 characters to lay it […]

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IMAGINE THE UNIMAGINABLE:  an exhortation by Ed Valentine Twitter: @eddyval   In the following, I confront some harsh realities – but I also follow them up with some practical steps we all can take to fight against what’s happening in America today. Buckle up. * 1. If you’re not inclined towards cruelty, it can […]

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10 Thoughts on “Fire and Fury”

Throughout 2018, I’m going to try to blog on Mondays (more often whenever possible). So for today, my thoughts on Fire and Fury, in no particular order. I know we’ve moved on to whether or not Trump is a racist (spoiler alert: he is!), but I think many have dismissed the book as being just […]

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