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Kickin’ Off the Cheer….

Listening to my first song of the season – – – and you can too, right NOW! ‘Cause Darlene Love says “Nobody Oughta Be All Alone On Christmas.”

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J Milligan’s novel “EGGMAN” to benefit Hurricane Relief!

Dear All – My friend and “Sesame Street” colleague J Milligan is a terrific writer and all-around good guy. Today I got this email from him: “Hi Ed: I decided to give all royalties from EGGMAN to local hurricane relief this week. Could you help me spread the word?” Happy to, J!!! Read about where […]

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“Mockingbird Lane” – thoughts?

Love the work of Bryan Fuller. Love Eddie Izzard. Above all, I love love love “The Munsters.” Watched them all the time as a kid and that show made me love the classic Universal monsters. I’m the guy on the Universal Studios tour who squeals with glee when the guide offhandedly points out the Munster […]

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Fab "You Can’t Do That On Television" interview link

Great interview with Geoffrey Darby, co-creator of “You Can’t Do That On Television” – and inventor of Nickelodeon’s once-famous green slime.  (Interview from SplitSider by Matthew Klickstein.) Money quote, to my mind: “I think that when you deal with any property like this

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A Thought on Productivity and Originality

For those of us who blog, or produce, or create, or write, or compose: we often say “I have to post more blog posts, or write more, or put more work out there” or whatever.  But Salon found a most interesting recipe to boost success.  In summary (emphasis mine): “We’ve tried to work longer on […]

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It’s 2012: Pop the Champagne, and Hop on the Train

It’s 2012.  And 2011 is O.VER.  (Can you tell I’m relieved?) Don’t get me wrong: a lot of great things happened last year – a lot of REALLY great things. And also: some terrible things.  Really terrible things.  What’s funny is, I haven’t written much about either the really good or the really really bad.  […]

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