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May 22 Play: FIELD

A Field. HE is baling hay. A car door slams, off. A WOMAN enters, stands nearby. Middle aged, flowered dress. She has a camera. HE keeps working. In time, SHE snaps a photo. HEYou get my good side? SHEWasn’t looking at you.I came for the field. HEJust a field. SHE– HEToo many folks, that’s their […]

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Olympic Mascot Fail

I love the Olympics.  I mean, I LOVE the Olympics.  I cheer.  I get choked up.  I harangue everyone who’ll listen about triple axles and curling and athletes who I would otherwise never hear of.  And though I’m admittedly more of a Winter ‘lympics fan, I do love me some Summer Games.  And that’s why […]

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Testing, testing….

Just checking something out…. Posting from a new source. More to come later….

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May 12 Play: MAMOOT

PLAY #?: MAMOOT – by Ed Valentine

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Holy Wooly Mammoth, Batman!

Shoot, people – has NO ONE seen “Jurassic Park”????

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