"Turn Around, Bright Eyes!"

OMG. Seriously, maybe the very very funniest thing I have ever ever seen. It’s a video for “Total Eclipse of the Heart” – in which we hear the LITERAL version of what we’re seeing… and what’s undoubtedly going through Bonnie Tyler’s blond feathered head. I laughed, I cried. Almost pee’d myself a little. Buy some […]

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The Coolest Thing I’ve EVER seen!

Check out this homage to “Empire Strikes Back” – the Tauntaun sleeping bag. Complete with a lining designed to look like GUTS. Oh, man oh man. How cool is THAT? Ok, ok: so it’s an April Fool’s Day hoax and it’s not really for sale…. YET. Apparently the folks at the website had so many […]

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File Under "Things I’d Never Thought I’d Say"

Meant to tell you – the new “Star Trek” movie is AWESOME. (Yeah, I never thought I’d say that. I’m by no means a Trekkie, to say the least. I turned the show on a few times as a kid, thinking it was gonna be like “Star Wars” – and it so, so wasn’t.) But […]

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"The Creative Habit"

Hey, this post’s for my dear friend Jenny, who is a fabulous choreographer – and an even more fabulous human being. But if you’re NOT Jenny, you can read this post, too. (Please do!) I’ve just started reading a fantastic book: The Creative Habit by noted terpsichorean Twyla Tharp (cowritten by Mark Reiter). And I […]

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3-of-a-Kind’s One-Acts: including my play, "SNOW!"

I’m delighted to report that North Hollywood’s own 3-of-a-Kind Theater Company is producing My short play:”SNOW,” in a production directed by Tony Christopher. At a polar bear cage in a big city park

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Disney – Oh My.

Well, THIS should make my next Disneyland visit more interesting! (Seriously – just kidding. I would NEVER. But who knew rampant toplessness was such a problem that The Mouse had to hire Propriety Police?)

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Malibu Saturday Afternoon, with Horse.

Well, if you DIDN’T hear my friend Louise’s concert last night in La Mirada, CA, you really missed out! Louise played the famous (and famously tough) Beethoven Triple Concerto with her father, Marlin Owen, on cello, and pianist Menahem Pressler. Behind them: the excellent Biola Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Shawna Stewart. I drove down with […]

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Suddenly Sunday…

Some new updates… Went to the Getty with Kerri… And rolled down the hill! We decided that that was the start of a new chapter in our lives.Now awaiting Louise and Jorge on JetBlue…Plus: I am updating this post on my new…. iphone!!!! Look for lots of changes in the blog, and lots of updates […]

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Script Frenzy!

As some of you know: last year I participated in “NaNoWriMo” – otherwise known as “National Novel Writing Month,” in which a whole lot of people churn out a whole lot of words in 30 days or less. The goal was to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. And… I did […]

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Followup: Kerri’s Obama Spot makes the Wall Street Journal!

As you may have read in my previous posts, Kerri’s adorable Black History Month spot on President Obama was (and is no longer) up on the Nick website and was (and is no longer) airing on the network during February. Well, surprise! This lovely, innocuous, and wholly apolitical spot attracted the snarky attention of the […]

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