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Meet Spike. And come see Ed perform next week!

Spike says howdy… …and Spike REALLY wants you to come see “Puppet Pandemic” in NYC next weekend! It’s a benefit for the O’Neill Alumni Scholarship fund, and I am pleased as heck to be a part of it.  There’ll be a lot of GREAT puppetry at all 3 shows.   But as added incentive – at […]

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Yay for Government-Run Single-Payer Health Care… in Iraq.

Oh, and one more thing: we already helped give the Iraqis universal health care. Single-payer, government run, universal healthcare is enshrined in the Iraqi constitution. “Many US lawmakers opposing health care reform need to be asked why it’s OK for Iraqis but not Americans, Mark Dorlester writes for the Huffington Post. Article 31 of the […]

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Basic health coverage for all, and protection for the already sick

Yes, I know I was going to focus on writing, and on living the writing life, and art, and puppetry and theater and all, but… Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about healthcare lately. (Wonder why?) So I’m posting this link to an article from Wonkette, which is a great takedown of the ever-snotty Peggy […]

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