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Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is awesome. Awesome! So I’ll be here, sitting around in my Vurple sloth-cloth, typing on my Magic Toaster, unless I decide to go primitive. But no finger guns. Brown chicken brown cow!

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Thanks! And a new post!

Dear all: Thanks for all the good wishes and compliments on the premiere of “Fly Boy!”! I was really touched to hear from so many people, and please know that it was a real thrill to get to share this episode with all of you. I wrote it so long ago that the gratification was […]

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RED ALERT!!! My first solo episode airs on Fairly OddParents Friday!

Hey, all! Some exciting news: my very first “Fairly OddParents” episode, “Fly Boy,” premieres this week! It’s showing on Nickelodeon Friday night (August 14). Nickelodeon’s broadcasting it in L.A. at 6 PM, but please check your local listings to find out when it’s showing in your area. “Fly Boy” was sneak-previewed to a large and […]

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A Note on Mob Rule

Last hour on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting, I heard Contessa Brewer state that “loud, angry mobs” were present at the conventions in which our founders declared independence and wrote the Constitution. (The implication being, I suppose, that, hey, shouting down your Democratic congressperson is just business as usual in America! The mobs did it in 1776, […]

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